22 September 2007

Child Proof Computer Table

I have been searching for a computer table. I have visited many furniture shop and online furniture shops as well. But I have not found any that meets my requirement.

One of my main requirement is : The computer table must be child proof!

I have a one and half year old hyperactive kid in my house. Currently, I spend a lot of time keeping the kid from destroying my computer and the accessories.

About the tables I saw at different furniture shops, everyone tells me the same thing: "these computer tables are imported (from Malaysia) and we just assemble and sell it". I wonder who designs these computer tables. They are highly non-ergonomic!
  • The keyboard tray must hold both the keyboard and the mouse. Many of them say, keep the mouse on top of the table.
  • Some models have the monitor at an angle to the sitting position. You have to keep your head turned at an angle to look at the monitor.
  • Many of them do not bother about the wirings and cables. They show the printer being placed at the top, but there is no provision to run the cable to the computer. The assumption is that the computer table should be placed two inches away from the wall and you can run the cable behind the table.
We take so much care in ergonomics for our office tables and chairs. But why don't we think about this for our home tables? Surprisingly, all the furniture-walas say, their computer tables sell like hot cakes!

Well, I spend considerable time in front of the computer from home. Most people use it just to browse. Well, I wouldn't want to settle for a poorly designed table just for browsing.

Well, you don't require a very creative brain to design an acceptably ergonomic, child proof computer table. I designed a couple of them myself. I decided to hold off when I found that the custom made tables cost more than 3 times the assembled ones...even if they use same amount of wood.

I don't know what to do...

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