17 October 2007

Celebrating at others cost

I pass through a market area everyday while on my way home from my office. The market road is a bit less than 1km. It takes less than two minutes to cross it as its always busy with people and there is a bus stand as well.

Its a very busy road. I would say around 150 people in different vehicles (bus, two-wheelers, cars, autos etc) would cross this road every minute during the peak hours.

Today, it took around 20 minutes to cross this road!

They have put up a pandaal and some people are occupying half of the road and beating drums. Well, its festival season and everyone has the right to celebrate it. But it has caused a huge traffic jam there. The road is completely blocked for the entire stretch. It was just the beginning of the peak hour. Imagine what would be the state during the peak hour!

There were less than 200 people there celebrating the festival. I didn't find it reasonable to inconvenience thousands of people just to entertain a couple of hundred.

I do understand the feeling and the excitement to celebrate any festival. Its perfectly justified. But it should not be at the cost of other's inconvenience. There is a large ground available quite close to where these people were celebrating. Why not use that?!

So many vehicles spewing out smoke. Such a waste of petrol. Such a waste of time.

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