05 November 2007

Deepawali Crackers

I'm against crackers. Its over 10 years since I burst any crackers. Reasons are not very difficult to guess: Noise pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, dirty roads, child labour, unhealthy and unsafe manufacturing practices, careless bursting without any considerations for others.... Thats enough reasons I guess?

Apparently not!!

I just read the news about 7 children dying at an illegal cracker factory in Hyderabad. Another news said forced child labour is used in many such factories. The prices of these crackers are sky-rocketing! Surprisingly, so is the demand for them!!

I have told my friends why I'm against crackers. Everybody agrees with my reasons. But nobody is ready to give up bursting them!!

We celebrate Deepawali every year. Its one of our major festivals. We do pooja, hang up the Deepawali lantern, decorate the main door and mainly light up the house with diyas!

Why can't we celebrate Deepawali by showing some social responsibility?

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