11 February 2008

Missing from voter's list

Every voter's id card has a unique number on it. You can verify this number and the entry into the voter's list at Election Commission of India's website. For Karnataka, see the website of The Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka.

I had got my voter's id card and had verified its presence on the voter's list. Recently, some people from the local govt school visited us and asked us to fill the application form again as our name is not there in the voter's list. Now that was surprising. I had read in the newspaper the same day that so many lakhs of duplicate entries have been removed from the voters list. How come they removed my name? They had no answer. Only thing he said is that my name does not appear in the voters list and if I want to vote, I have to apply again.

To verify, I went to the above link and searched. Indeed my name was missing! Obviously, I applied again. Wasn't any verification done before removing the names from the list? I just hope this does not become a repetitive task....

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