09 March 2008

My garden

I have a small garden. We maintain it ourselves. Thats why its always in poor condition :). We have around 25-30 hibiscus plants. The number varies as some of them dye and we get new ones.

We have a couple of hibiscus plants which flower two different coloured flowers! Here is one of them:

There is a bonsai hibiscus. In the last 4 years, it has grown around 6-7 inches. It flowers only during rainy season and since the plant is very small (around 1 feet) with only two branches, it has only 1-3 flowers every year. Here is a picture:

I had never seen hibiscus seeds. Last weekend I was surprised to see a pod and it had seeds in it. I went to google to search about this. It appears, I was the only one who did not know hibiscus plants can have seeds.. he he he... :D.

Some time back I saw a photo in a local newspaper of a 'rare occurrence' where there were 5 pomegranates in one bunch. Just a week before that I had 5 pomegranates in one bunch on my plant as well. I was not aware this was a 'rare'. Here is a picture:

One problem with having a garden is lot of spiders and ants in them. Its not only in the garden, these insects wander into the house as well. But thats ok. The spiders don't mind me destroying their nets while moving around the garden. We also have lots of butterflies and tiny birds that visit us regularly.

Our neighbours have hired experts to maintain their garden. And its turned up beautiful. We get time to maintain our garden only on the weekends. Thats why its not in good shape. Well, its not in bad shape either. I feel so happy to see every flower that blossoms, every fruit that ripens. I don't think I can get that satisfaction if I had paid for the effort and had a well maintained garden...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kini,
I find your blogs very interesting and and good reading material.Good to see a blooming garden in bangalore.Such a rarity.