18 September 2011

Perceptive opinions

Some time back, I was having an argument with a relative over child behaviour. She happened to mention "you used to throw away your plates while having food when you were a kid".

I was surprised! I don't remember throwing away plates while eating. Obviously, I refused to believe it. The response was 'Ask your mom'. My mother was not there and that was the turning point of the argument which, obviously, I lost.

Back at home, I asked my mother about it and she said that I did throw my plate while having food. I said I don't remember. She said "you were a little baby then". I asked her how many times did I do that. She said "Oh! I did not count, maybe a couple of times".

What the ...!!!

I must have had food at least three times a day. Everyday. For so many years! That did not count at all. What did matter was the two or three times that I threw the plate away. My mother said she happened to mention this during a casual conversation to that relative. But now my relatives think I *always* used to do it!

"You always ask the same question again and again"
I have heard this many times, especially during arguments.  Oh! why would I ask the same question again if it was answered the first time?  That logic, for some reason which I am yet to fathom, is not valid.  Especially during arguments.

Oh boy! I  find it strange that people just create opinions about others and spread it as well.  Strangely, these created opinions always seem to be favourable to the creator.

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