29 September 2011

How to create a 3-bit colour palette in Gimp

I wanted to use a 3-bit palette in Gimp.  Why?  To preview images for Nokia Sleeping Screen.

Gimp does not have a 3-bit palette by default.  But it has a nice feature where you can add your own palette.  So I created one.

Start the Palette Dialogue with Windows -> Dockable Dialogs -> Palettes

You'll see this box:
Click on the "New Palette" button higlighted above.
You'll see this box now:

Save this image and open in Gimp:

I found this image on a Wikipedia article.  This shows the 3-bit palette.

Now click on the 8 colours in the image you opened in the previous step.  You'll see the colours filling up in the 'New Palette' window.  Give a name to the palette so that you can identify easily:

Click the save symbol.

Well, thats it.  You have a 3-bit palette now!

Okay, so how do I use it?
I'll describe it in the next blog when I show how I created images for Nokis Sleeping Screen.

For short instructions:
Image -> Mode -> Indexed
Click Use Custom Palette
Click the colour symbol below this and select 3 bit colour palette
Select a Dithering option
Click Convert

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